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If you are interested in solar shades for your home, you will be happy to know that there is a green version available through site, and site. These green shades are Eco-friendly which mean that they are not harmful to the planet. As a good patriot, it is important to look out for our planets well being. You can visit site, and for more colors. And if you need to see more about the blinds go to where you can see their different styles like discount blinds
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sliding glass door blinds. Or you can opt for solar shades for windows or
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The other day I was talking about why and how you should buy american flag window blinds. If you really wanted to show that you are a true patriot. Today I want to explain how to measure for an outside mount since a lot of people where asking me this week.

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So for an outside mount, that means you will NOT be installing the blinds inside your window opening, because you don’t have the space or simply do not want to. So keep in mind that the window blind company will not make any deductions to outside mounts.

What that means is that you will get exactly the size you order so they wont fit inside a window opening and will be on the outside instead. So for the width we always recommend you add about 4-6″ on the width and the same thing for the height. That way you will be able to cover the entire window. for more on window blinds check out, . There you will see videos about measuring too and you can order the solar blinds directly at , and . Once you visit this site you will realize why it’s so easy to buy from the site and why we recommend this site so much in our posts. If you still have more questions about measuring, make sure to reach out to us!

If you love the united states so much you should take it one step further. By taking it one step further we mean to get a big old USA flag on your window blinds.


If you are like most of us, you have never seen this before, however, it is possible.

The best type of window blinds to get USA flags on are blackout vinyl shades. These are the ideal place to put the flag since the surface it made to hold on to images. They are very affordable too. You can see more online here where they sell custom shades like this faux wood blind and window treatments for french doors.  See more at for more. At you can get or buy solar shades at You might as well also look at their solar shade collection that includes black out blinds and cordless shades. Also there are roll up shades like these discount roman shades and woven blinds.This is the best way to get the USA flag on your shades.

patriotism Patriotism is the best because it shows how proud you are of your country.

There are different levels of patriotism but in the end it should be about respecting other nations and at the same time expressing yourself and why you love your mother country.

Whenever people talk about patriotism, it should be noted that the biggest patriots should also be supportive of others who are not as patriotic.

I have seen too many times when they seem to disown or look down on others who aren’t as demonstrative about their home country. But before we continue make sure you check out because they offer some of the best wholesale shades and you can get your country’s flag painted right on them. This way you can show your patriotism through your windows. Its pretty cool if you ask us. This company uses for their custom aluminum extrusions. These are used to make the window shades that have flags printed on them so they are pretty important. Check them out today.

Also, another thing that I simply cannot stand is people who put others down because they are from different countries of origin.
There is no reason to think any less of a person because of where they are from. If you are looking for a USA flag on your solar shades or even your solar shades and wood blinds that can an awesome window shade then go online and type in this address… and you will see a lot of different types of roman shades that can be custom made with the flag on them. is an all stop shop for solar shades and more, visit website today for the best prices. If you are looking for solar shades you can go to Also, there are so much window treatments that you can select from like these vertical blinds, blackout shades and motorized blinds. Or you can just get the nicest bamboo shades on earth like this roman shades. You have to realize that we are all created equal and no matter where we come from we all deserve respect.

Patriotism is great when it is combined with respect for others.

You want to be an example of the right way to show off your patriotism. In the end, most people will respect you more if you show off your patriotism without bashing or disrespecting others. So make sure you respect others and show off your pride for your country.

Some people go to great lengths to show off pride for their country that they even celebrate their wedding day on 4th of July and wear plus size wedding dresses cheap that are white red and blue! I have seen this many times, and it is so amazing and amusing. There’s even a store named Say Yes Bridal shop Inc, here’s a link to their site and if you check them out they carry cheap wedding dresses , bridesmaid dresses and even plus size wedding dresses that are affordable and stylish. Make sure you order your dresses ahead of time to give yourself time to get them fitted if need be. This store is great because it sells dresses that are already color coordinated to match specific holidays. It’s very interesting.